Perfect white noise from a real fan. App-enabled.

Upgraded design. Real fan sound. Travel-case case included.

Two fans inside: one for the air, one for the sound.

Rechargable travel sound machine, Bluetooth speaker, & night light.

SNOOZ White Noise Machine


We believe that better sleep is better health. The SNOOZ White Noise Machine reduces disturbances that might interrupt your sleep cycles and provides peaceful background noise for your bedroom so you can fall asleep and stay asleep.

SNOOZ will help you get your best sleep, guaranteed. Try out SNOOZ and if you don’t like it (and we promise you will!) you can return your SNOOZ for free within 100 nights. We’ll even cover the return shipping.






Real Fan Sound

No Looping Tracks

Free Companion App

Travel Friendly

Programmable Schedule

Looks Great With Any Decor

"The SNOOZ should be able to lull even the lightest sleeper to dreamland."

“I was skeptical of this sound machine at first, but now I can't sleep without it.”

"If this white noise machine can't get you a good night of shut-eye, nothing will."


There are a zillion white noise machines out there, so why this one? In short, SNOOZ sounds better than anything on the market.

SNOOZ uses a real fan, not a speaker playing an audio file on repeat. So the sound is truly random. There are no loops, just the soothing sound of moving air. Would you rather spend 8 hours/day with a recording?

Unlike a fan, SNOOZ doesn’t blow unwanted cold air in the winter, is travel friendly, app-enabled, and uses a fraction of the energy.

Free Returns Within 100 Nights, No Questions Asked

We're so confident you'll find SNOOZ the sleepiest sound machine that should you not love it (and we know you will) we'll take it back and pay for the return shipping.

Fast, Free Shipping, No Minimum

Every order ships fast and free because we want you to be sleeping better ASAP.

Using SNOOZ is simple.

Tap the power button

Touch the power button to create an instant soothing fan sound. Adjust the volume (fan speed) to your comfort.

Adjust the tone

Rotate the outer shell to change from a light fan sound (think table fan) to a deep fan drone (think airplane cabin) and everything in-between.

Set it and forget it

Program to turn on/off automatically (or even fade in/fade out) with the free SNOOZ app.

Finally, a sound machine you don't want to keep in a drawer.

Let’s face it, most sleep machines are unsightly, to say the least. With SNOOZ, you won’t feel like you have to throw the thing in a drawer before the guests stop by.

Set it to turn off automatically (so you can actually wake up in the morning).

SNOOZ works perfectly well without the app. But for added features, SNOOZ’s free smartphone app (no subscriptions, ever!) adds features such as remote control and a programmable schedule so SNOOZ can turn on/off (or even fade in/fade out) when you want.

Make every hotel room feel like home.

Never again worry about getting stuck next to the elevator, or the ice machine, or the side of the hotel that faces the freeway. SNOOZ is lightweight and portable so you can always be prepared for whatever noises are generously included with your stay.

What makes SNOOZ better?

Companion App

Real Fan Sound

No Looping Tracks

Natural Sound Spectrum

Travel Friendly

Adjustable Sound

No Cold Air in Winter

Ultra-Low Power Consumption

Programmable Schedule

Nursery Calibration



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