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SNOOZ Button

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  • Non-looping sound machine designed to blanket your bedroom with peaceful sound so you can get back to sleep.

    1. Room-Filling Sound for Sleep: Our loudest machine yet. Choose from six white noise, pink noise, and fan sound settings.
    2. Guaranteed Not to Loop: Non-looping sounds are generated algorithmically in real time by a microprocessor.
    3. Remote Control: Place your device between you and any sound disturbance then use the free SNOOZ app to adjust settings without getting out of bed.
    4. Programmable Schedule: Program to turn on/off automatically with the free SNOOZ app.
    5. Bluetooth Speaker: Switch to Bluetooth Mode to listen to music or podcasts during the day.
    6. Compact & Travel-Friendly: SNOOZ Button packs easily in backpack or suitcase to take your sleep haven on the road (wall power required; power adapter is included)
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100-Night Happiness Guarantee
100-Night Happiness Guarantee
1-Year Limited Warranty
1-Year Limited Warranty

Non-Looping White Noise & Fan Sounds

Sound is generated in real-time by a microprocessor, not a recording on repeat.

Never worry about picking up on a looping pattern because SNOOZ Button's proprietary algorithm generates soothing sounds on the fly.

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SNOOZ Button Sound Machine Back Buttons

Room-Filling Sound

Choose from six white noise, pink noise, or fan sound settings to tune out the world so you can fall asleep and stay asleep.

Plus, switch to Bluetooth Mode to listen to music or podcasts during the day.


SNOOZ Button works best when placed away from your bed so it can fill the room with sound.

Use the optional, free SNOOZ app to turn up the volume without getting out of bed or use the automatic scheduler so you can set it and forget it.

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SNOOZ Button Sound Machine FAQs

SNOOZ Button is a compact digital sound machine which prodcues peaceful white noise, pink noise, and fan sound to help mask nighttime disturbances so you can fall asleep and stay asleep.

SNOOZ Button uses a small microprocessor to generate white noise, pink noise, and fan noises.

The device can be controlled either by buttons on the device or through the free SNOOZ companion app (which allows SNOOZ Button to be scheduled to turn on/off automatically!).

If using the device itself, the power button on the front toggles SNOOZ Button on/off and remembers your most recent settings.

To get back to sleep, just hit SNOOZ!

For one, SNOOZ Button is our loudest product yet!

The SNOOZ White Noise Machine is still the standard in high-end white noise fan sound, but SNOOZ Button is smaller, offers more tone variation, and is more affordable than our flagship SNOOZ White Noise Machine.

No, SNOOZ Button must be plugged in to operate.

For reference, SNOOZ Button uses a UL Certified Type A (US) power adapter which is compatible with 100-240V.

When measured at the device, SNOOZ Button can reach a high of 95 dBA!

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