Digital vs Natural White Noise Machines: Your Buying Guide

Digital vs Natural White Noise Machines: Your Buying Guide

Nearly 70 million Americans are affected by sleep disorders. White noise is proven to be an effective sleep aid. If you're considering a white noise machine but need more information, this blog will guide you through the differences between digital and natural sound machines.

What is a White Noise Machine?

A white noise machine, sometimes referred to as a sound machine or white noise generator, is designed to produce a consistent sound that helps you sleep. This continuous sound helps mask external noises and creates a sleep routine, In noisy environments, the steady, soothing background sound can be a significant aid in improving sleep quality.

The Effectiveness of White Noise as a Sleep Aid

White noise machines are more than noise blockers. Each time the machine is turned on, your brain connects this signal of the noise and when it’s time to sleep. This helps create a healthy sleep routine and can help you fall asleep faster.

The Digital Sound Dilemma:

Digital sound machines are electronic devices designed to play a variety of sounds, from soothing raindrops to white noise.


Multiple Sounds: Digital sound machines offer a variety of sounds, including various colors of noise like white noise, pink noise, and brown noise. You can choose from calming raindrops to gentle ocean waves. Some devices provide up to 20 or more different sounds.

Portability: Digital sound machines are designed for babies, kids, and adults. Some have rechargeable features that make them convenient when traveling and camping.


Looping Sounds: When digital sound machines rely on speakers to make noise, they can sometimes create repeating or looping sounds. This repetitive noise might disrupt your sleep instead of helping you relax. This defeats the purpose of using the sound machine and these looping patters can be very annoying and disruptive.

Sound Quality:
While digital sound machines offer a variety of sounds, the quality can vary significantly. Cheaper options may not provide the soothing and high-quality sounds that promote better sleep. Often, users end up sticking with just one sound that works for them, leaving the other sounds unused.

Using Natural Sound to Sleep:

In contrast to digital options, the SNOOZ White Noise Machine creates a continuous and natural sound. The device uses a real fan inside, so there are no looping noises which creates a consistent sound to help you sleep. Beyond the sound quality, natural white noise aligns with our biological sleep patterns, which can enhance your sleep quality and health. It creates a consistent and calming environment which is essential for deep sleep.

Simplicity in Fan Noise:

The SNOOZ Original produces natural fan noise that sets it apart from its competitors. With tone adjustment, you can fine-tune the sound – whether you prefer a deeper or brighter white noise. And with just three user-friendly buttons, it's simple to use.

Finding Your Ideal Sleep Partner:

When choosing the right white noise machine, focus on two key factors:

Quality and Sound Variety: Consider whether you prefer a machine that offers multiple sounds but might compromise on the quality of those sounds. The SNOOZ Original excels in delivering exceptional white noise, making it ideal for those who prioritize sound quality over quantity.

Features: When selecting your sound machine, consider features like tone adjustment, app connectivity, and rechargeability. While many sound machines don’t have app connectivity, the SNOOZ Original has an app and scheduling features. The tone adjustment feature allows users to customize their sound experience according to their preferences. If rechargeability is a priority, SNOOZ offers a rechargeable sound machine called the SNOOZ Go.

Best Natural Sleep Solution:

Upgrade your sleep with the SNOOZ Original. It's more than just a white noise machine - it's a natural sleep aid. Featuring real fan noise and user-friendly features, it's the smart choice for quality sleep. Simple, effective, and worth the investment. Buy now and experience the difference tonight.

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