Best White Noise Sound Machines for Sleep

Sleeping with SNOOZ White Noise Machine in Bedroom


With a real fan inside, SNOOZ is an ultra-portable white noise machine that turns your bedroom into a haven for sleep.


Peaceful white noise from a real fan so you can fall asleep and stay asleep.

SNOOZ White Noise Sound Machine
  • Full-Spectrum Sound

    SNOOZ uses a real fan so you don't have to worry if it's going to sound real, because it is real.

  • No Looping Tracks

    Apps and digital machines rely on looping tracks. SNOOZ doesn't. Fall asleep to the natural, soothing sound of moving air.

  • Fully Adjustable

    Rotate from a light fan sound (think table fan) to a deep fan drone (think airplane cabin) and everything in-between.

  • App-Enabled

    Adjust the volume without getting out of bed or set an automatic shutoff so it turns off before your way-too-early wake up call.

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If you like sleeping with fan sound, you'll love SNOOZ.
Mask Disturbances
Plenty of new devices track sleep disturbances. SNOOZ ends them. Period.
Sleep with Natural Sound
No looping tracks. No cheap speaker. Just the soothing sound of moving air.
Create a Haven on the Road
Never be without a peaceful, room-filling cocoon of sound.
Protect Baby's Ears
A first-ever nursery calibration feature ensures the sound level is safe for your little one.
Stay Warm in the Winter
No more pointing a fan at the wall. SNOOZ uses a real fan but doesn't blow cold air.
Save Money
An ultra-efficient brushless motor means you'll use 98% less energy than the typical box fan.
Packing Portable SNOOZ White Noise Machine in Suitcase for Travel


SNOOZ packs easily in a backpack or carry-on so you'll always have your peaceful, room-filling cocoon of fan sound. So long, hotel noise.

Great Sleep Awaits

Just hit SNOOZ.
Great Sleep Awaits