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  • Rechargeable travel sound machine, Bluetooth speaker, & night light.

    1. Soothing Sleep Sounds: Choose from six white noise, pink noise, and fan sound settings.
    2. Guaranteed Not to Loop: Non-looping sounds are generated algorithmically in real time by microprocessor.
    3. Bluetooth Speaker: Bluetooth speaker mode allows SNOOZ Go to double as portable speaker.
    4. Night Light: Soft, warm-glow night light mode provides extra illumination for your home away from home.
    5. Rechargeable Battery: Up to 20 hours of run time to get you through the night and then some.
    6. Ultra-Portable: Weighing just 5.7 oz and small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, SNOOZ Go packs easily in a backpack or suitcase.
    7. Note: SNOOZ Go is not compatible with the SNOOZ app.
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100-Night Happiness Guarantee
100-Night Happiness Guarantee
1-Year Limited Warranty
1-Year Limited Warranty

Non-Looping White Noise & Fan Sounds

Sound is generated in real-time by a microprocessor, not a recording on repeat. Never worry about picking up on a looping pattern because SNOOZ Go's proprietary algorithm generates soothing white noise on the fly.

Exploded view of SNOOZ Go Charcoal showing speaker, battery, and internal circuitry
SNOOZ Go Charcoal lanyard and USB-C charging port

High-Capacity Rechargeable Battery

Up to 20 hours of runtime on a single charge will get you through the night and then some. SNOOZ Go recharges with a USB-C cable (included) so you can carry fewer chargers when traveling.

Designed for Sleep

SNOOZ Go was created to help you fall asleep and stay asleep. Every detail, down to where we put the status indicator light, was designed with that in mind.

SNOOZ Go charging status light is hidden at the bottom of the device

SNOOZ Go Portable Sound Machine FAQs

SNOOZ Go produces similar deep, non-looping white noise tones, but it definitely sounds a little different. We don't think anything sounds as good as the original SNOOZ White Noise Machines, but we think it's about as good as you can get from a digital speaker (and it works well for a battery-powered travel device)! It also contains volume control.

The battery life of the SNOOZ Go has up to 20 hours of run time to get you through the night and then some!

On max volume, SNOOZ Go sound machines should last 8 to 9 hours on battery power. Your battery is designed to retain up to 80% of its original charge capacity after 300 cycles. To maximize the lifetime of your battery, we recommend running SNOOZ Go off wall power when possible.

SNOOZ Go can help you fall asleep and stay asleep by reducing environmental disturbances. 

By increasing the baseline level of sound in a room, SNOOZ Go reduces the difference between room noise and a “containment noise,” thereby masking many noises and reducing the “startle factor” of others.

The SNOOZ Go can also serve as an environmental cue for your brain – when the soothing sound of the fan begins it can be a trigger that it’s time to sleep.SNOOZ Go does not contain a night light or an alarm clock. It’s ideal for anyone who wants better sleep, especially when there is disruptive background noise.

The SNOOZ Go portable sound machine contains 6 unique white noise, pink noise, and fan sound settings. These sounds are generated in real-time making them unique, so you don’t have to worry about looping sounds while you try to fall asleep.

When measured at the device, SNOOZ Go can get as loud as 85 dBA.

Our portable sound machines can easily be connected to your phone in two simple steps.

1) Put the SNOOZ Go in Bluetooth pairing mode by turning the unit on, and pressing and holding the triangle-shaped button for 5 seconds.

Note: If SNOOZ Go is not actively connected to any devices, it will start in pairing mode and a tone will repeat every four seconds. You will also see a blinking white light on the bottom of the unit to confirm that you are in Bluetooth pairing mode.

2) On your device, go to: Settings > Bluetooth > Select SNOOZ Go

SNOOZ Go is not compatiable with the free SNOOZ companion app.

For devices that work with the SNOOZ app, check out SNOOZ White Noise Machine or SNOOZ Button.

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