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Why not just use an app?

Apps are more convenient but phone speakers are incapable of producing full-spectrum, natural sound like SNOOZ. Think about playing music: phone speakers are great in a pinch but, if you’re going to spend time listening to music, you’re going to want to find headphones or better speakers.

Further, many digital apps or machines rely on looping tracks so your mind picks up on the pattern and the device that is supposed to help you sleep actually has the opposite effect. SNOOZ doesn’t rely on a recording or some mathematical algorithm, its sound is truly random and natural, and it never loops.

Does SNOOZ blow air around the room?

SNOOZ is designed to convert nearly all the energy of the fan into generating sound, and not moving air around a room. For this reason, at an equal sound decibel level, SNOOZ uses about 98% less energy than a typical room fan. As a result, you get that same familiar fan sound, but nearly zero disturbance to the surrounding air.

What does SNOOZ sound like?

SNOOZ sounds like a fan. On the one end of the spectrum, SNOOZ produces light fan sound (that you might hear from an oscillating stand fan), on the other end, SNOOZ produces a deep fan sound (that you might associate with an airplane cabin). You can adjust the tone to your liking with a smooth rotation of the outer shell.

Can I set SNOOZ to turn off at a specific time?

Yes! SNOOZ's companion apps (iOS and Android) include an "auto shut-off" feature to turn off SNOOZ when it's time to wake up!

Does SNOOZ ever need to be cleaned?

SNOOZ is engineered so the energy goes into producing sound and not moving air, so the inflow and outflow are close to zero. As a result of this design, dust, pet hair, and anything else are not filtered through the device like a common fan and aren't able to collect and should not be a problem.

I think I sleep fine, can SNOOZ help?

Sleep quality is as important as sleep quantity. SNOOZ raises the sound baseline in your bedroom to reduce the startle factor.

For example, in a study completed by the University of Chicago Medical School (and documented on 60 minutes), a healthy adult was allowed to sleep a full eight hours every night, but a sound disturbance was intermittently played to disrupt his deep sleep cycle; within two-weeks he was prediabetic.

Do you ship internationally?

While SNOOZ will work internationally (SNOOZ uses a Type A plug but can accept input voltages between 100-240 volts), we are currently only shipping to the U.S.