Perfect white noise from a real fan. App-enabled.

Upgraded design. Real fan sound. Travel-case case included.

Two fans inside: one for the air, one for the sound.

Rechargable travel sound machine, Bluetooth speaker, & night light.

SNOOZ Frequently Asked Questions

Smartphone are convenient, but phone speakers are incapable of producing full-spectrum, natural sound like SNOOZ. Think about playing music – phone speakers are great in a pinch but, if you’re going to spend time listening to music, you’re going to want to find headphones or better speakers.

Further, many digital apps or machines rely on looping tracks so your mind picks up on the pattern and the device that is supposed to help you sleep actually has the opposite effect. SNOOZ doesn’t rely on a recording, its sound is truly random and natural, and it never loops.

SNOOZ was designed to generate the best possible fan sound for sleeping. Part of that means that its tone and volume are adjustable. Also, unlike a fan, SNOOZ is travel friendly, doesn’t blow unwanted cold air (in the winter, for instance), uses a fraction of the energy, and includes advanced features in the free iOS and Android companion apps.

Nope! SNOOZ is designed to convert nearly all the energy of the fan into generating sound, and not moving air around a room. For this reason, at an equal sound decibel level, SNOOZ uses about 98% less energy than a typical room fan. As a result, you get that same familiar fan sound, but nearly zero disturbance to the surrounding air.

SNOOZ sounds like a fan. On the one end of the spectrum, SNOOZ produces light fan sound (that you might hear from an oscillating stand fan), on the other end, SNOOZ produces a deep fan sound (that you might associate with an airplane cabin). You can adjust the tone to your liking with a rotation of the outer shell.

Nope! SNOOZ is engineered so the energy goes into producing sound and not moving air, so the inflow and outflow are close to zero. As a result of this design, dust, pet hair, and anything else are not filtered through the device like a common fan.

Depending on your sleep environment, it’s possible that a slight amount of dust may show on the fabric over a long period of time, but it’s easily brushed off and shouldn’t be a major nuisance.

When measured directly next to the device, SNOOZ produces volumes that range from 46 - 87 dBA.

The cord to the power adapter is 6 feet in length.

Please see our Sound Level Guide for recommendations from several health organizations.

Definitely not! SNOOZ is designed to help you sleep so there are no annoying lights that will stay on all night! In fact, with SNOOZ’s companion app, you can activate “Dark Mode” so you can disable the touchpad lights from turning on even when you’re controlling SNOOZ with the touchpad.

SNOOZ White Noise Machine View of Fan Inside

SNOOZ Go Frequently Asked Questions

SNOOZ Go produces similar deep, non-looping white noise tones, but it definitely sounds a little different. We don't think anything sounds as good as the original, but we think it's about as good as you can get from a digital speaker (and works well for a battery-powered travel device)!

Up to 20 hours of run time to get you through the night and then some! On max volume, SNOOZ Go should last 8-9 hours on battery power. Your battery is designed to retain up to 80% of its original charge capacity after 300 cycles. To maximize the lifetime of your battery, we recommend running SNOOZ Go off wall power when possible.

1) Put the SNOOZ Go in Bluetooth pairing mode by turning the unit on, and pressing and holding the triangle shaped button for 5 seconds. 

1A) If SNOOZ Go is not actively connected to any devices, it will start in pairing mode and a tone will repeat every four seconds. Also, you'll see a blinking white light on the bottom of the unit to confirm that you are in Bluetooth pairing mode. 

2) On your device, go to: Settings > Bluetooth > Select SNOOZ Go

Unfortunately, SNOOZ Go is not currently compatible with the SNOOZ App.

If running a fan for the noise helps, SNOOZ Go will help more. If running a fan doesn't help, SNOOZ Go will help a little.

SNOOZ Go may not be a miracle worker in all cases, but we are confident that it will improve your sleeping situation!

SNOOZ Go Travel White Noise Machine

App/Connectivity Frequently Asked Questions

No! The app is for extra features (e.g. remote control, scheduling, nursery calibration). SNOOZ works perfectly fine without ever being connected to a smartphone. Tone and volume can be adjusted on the device itself!

Yes! SNOOZ's companion apps (iOS and Android) include an auto on/off scheduler so you can set SNOOZ to turn on/off as you'd like! Plus you can schedule SNOOZ to fade on and fade off to wake you gently.

Nope! SNOOZ will remember its settings until it is programmed differently (or until a hard reset is performed).

When enabled, Dark Mode disables the touchpad lights from turning on even when you’re controlling SNOOZ with the touchpad.

Yes! The SNOOZ app can connect to multiple devices and switch between controlling each one.

SNOOZ uses a Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) chip. This means you can connect to your SNOOZ even when you’re traveling – no need to connect it to the Wi-Fi!

Unfortunately, not at this time. To be sure, in the sleep state, SNOOZ’s Bluetooth chip consumes a minuscule amount of energy for emitting a signal (approx. 0.0000015W -- it's designed to work off a coin battery, although our unit does not) and is an order of magnitude less than an average WiFi router (approx. 2-10W).

Not at this point, no, but with SNOOZs companion app you can schedule SNOOZ to turn on and off (and fade in and out) automatically.

 SNOOZ White Noise Machine Companion App on iPhone

Order Frequently Asked Questions

We're only shipping to the U.S. at this time. However, SNOOZ will work internationally with a plug adapter. SNOOZ uses a Type A plug and can accept input voltages between 100-240V.

Please see our Returns Policy for details!

Shipping Time Frames (Contiguous U.S.)
Fast(ish): 5-7 Business Days
Faster: 2 Business Days (if ordered by 1:00pm ET)
Fastest: 1 Business Day (if ordered by 1:00pm ET)

Shipping Time Frames (Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, & U.S. APO/FBO)
Standard: 7-10 Business Days

Please see Shipping Info for more information!

All SNOOZ units include a 1-year limited warranty. For warranty support, please email us at

At this time, SNOOZ is only available online!

Boxes of SNOOZ White Noise Machine