The Rise of Sleep Tourism: Where to Spend Your Next "Sleep-cation"

The Rise of Sleep Tourism: Where to Spend Your Next "Sleep-cation"

In today’s fast-paced world, many people are not getting the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep a night. This has given rise to the trend of "sleep tourism," where travelers seek destinations specifically designed to provide the ultimate rest and relaxation experience. With the growing awareness of the importance of sleep for overall health, hotels and resorts are offering specialized programs and amenities to help guests achieve better sleep. From luxurious bedding and sleep-inducing treatments to technology-free environments, these destinations are catering to the increasing demand for restorative vacations.


Top Destinations for a Perfect Sleep-cation

1. Zedwell, London, UK
- Why Visit: Zedwell, located in the heart of Piccadilly Circus, is the UK’s first sleep-centric hotel. It features soundproof, windowless rooms designed to eliminate outside disturbances. The calming environment includes soothing lights and aromatic scents to promote relaxation.
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2. Hästens’ Sleep Spa, Coimbra, Portugal
- Why Visit: This boutique hotel offers guests a luxurious sleep experience with Hästens' world-renowned €50,000 beds. The hotel also provides customized pillows and "Bed Talks" to optimize sleep quality.
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3. Six Senses, Ibiza, Spain
- Why Visit: Known for its wellness focus, Six Senses Ibiza offers a comprehensive sleep program that includes Yoga Nidra, meditation, massages, and sleep tracking. This holistic approach ensures a restful stay on this beautiful Balearic island.
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4. Mandarin Oriental, Geneva, Switzerland
- Why Visit: Partnering with Switzerland’s first private medical sleeping clinic, this hotel provides a three-day sleep program that includes polysomnographic tests and expert consultations. The stunning surroundings of Lake Geneva add to the calming experience.
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5. Royal Champagne Hotel & Spa, Champillon, France
- Why Visit: This hotel combines the benefits of sleep and beauty with its Royal Sleep Experience, featuring blackout curtains, a sleep mist, and melatonin supplements. Guests can enjoy a candle massage and a sleep-friendly menu at the on-site restaurant.
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6. Mystique Hotel, Santorini, Greece
- Why Visit: The Mystique Hotel offers a meditation program to enhance sleep, accessible via an app. The serene setting of Santorini provides an ideal backdrop for relaxation and restorative sleep.
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7. Hôtel de Crillon, Paris, France
- Why Visit: This Rosewood hotel’s Sleep Transformation package includes spa treatments and sessions with sleep experts. Guests also receive amenities like silk pillows and bath salts to ensure a peaceful night's sleep.
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8. The Shelbourne, Dublin, Ireland
- Why Visit: Known for its historic charm, The Shelbourne offers a “Fall In Love With Sleep” package that includes aromatherapy treatments and yoga classes. This iconic hotel ensures a restful stay with its tranquil environment and luxurious amenities.
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As the emphasis on mental and physical well-being continues to grow, sleep tourism is becoming an appealing option for travelers seeking rejuvenation. Whether it’s through high-end bedding, specialized sleep programs, or serene environments, these destinations offer the perfect escape for those looking to catch up on their Zzzs and return home truly refreshed.

For more information on these sleep-centric destinations, visit their respective websites and start planning your ultimate sleep-cation today. 

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